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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That one person you work with that you would slap....

What!!!???? don’t front you and I both know there’s at least one person you work with, here (or where ever else you work at after this) that you wouldn’t mind slapin’ the taste out their mouth (if given the opportunity). I know we all got that one individual that just comes at you wrong… . And Every Time they say something to you, all you can think of is “shut the F**k up please”. Ok slow your roll, some ; these can be cats that work in different departments too. For Instance, my 1st week here, Q and I came back from rice café, walked in the restrooms, and we heard some dude finishing up doing #2, he open the stall, said what’s up, didn’t wash his hands and just walked out,…Q was like what the F…??? So the next Day, this fools is introduced to me, wanted to shake my hand, and I was like I’m cool….I mean dude you did the #2, wash your damn hands sonn! And ever since, every time I see the dude I feel like slapping him.
Well enough about me here, this is all about us. Since we’re all coworkers, we should share some techniques that will us help cope with these Individuals. And really we will save them from a beat down on the Job, but most importantly will save your job, your bank a/c (layers ain’t cheap, ask Milsap, he been picking up cases way before Whitney Houston picked up Crack).

So please share w/ me why you can’t stand that person you work with.